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(Summary description) Shunde cooking is amazing in Boao, Hainan!

In 2002, the sales business continued to grow, and the production capacity of the production plant on Rongshan Road was unable to meet the needs of sales. Therefore, the company used Hong Kong funds and advanced management technology to establish Foshan Shunde District Zhanli Sinde Food Co., Ltd., and the factory was moved. To No. 6 Xinye Road until now. It was also from this year that the company officially stepped into the fast lane of rapid development, obtained the export food hygiene registration certificate, the first batch of domestic food companies to obtain HACCP certification, the company expanded overseas sales channels, and won the internationally renowned brand "Doll Dim Sum" Hong Kong Approved by Yongnan Food Company and Weiquan Co., Ltd., the largest Asian food production group in the United States, as an OEM manufacturer. Since then, Sinde Foods officially broke out of Asia, entered the world, and sold overseas.

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Address:No.6 Xinye Road,Ronggui,Shunde District,

Foshan City, Guangdong Province 
Phone:(86-0757) 26612686  26624607
Fax:(86-0757) 26621307


Address: A Places, No.2,Industry Two Area, Hecheng Town, Heshan City , Guangdong Province
Phone:(86-0750) 8312008 8312002
Fax:(86-0750) 8312003

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