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(Summary description) Shunde cooking is amazing in Boao, Hainan!

In 1989, the founder of the company, Mr. Jian En Ou, founded the Zhanli Food Factory in Rongqi, Shunde, which is affiliated with a village-run enterprise and has a professional production plant, and began mass production of fish skin horns. At that time, the main products of the food factory were fish skin corners, pheasant rolls, fried milk, stuffed dace and other Shunde local specialties. The products were mainly sold to the major restaurants and hotels in Guangzhou based on Guangzhou Datong Restaurant, such as Datong Restaurant, Beiyuan Restaurant, Dongshan Restaurant, Liuhua Hotel, Baiyun Hotel, Dongfang Hotel, Guangdong Mansion Hotel, China Hotel, Guangzhou Hotel, Hubin Hotel, etc. Later, Ou Jianen saw the demand of the market and developed a quick-freezing method with the senior masters of Datong Restaurant, such as Chen Fengzhen, the manager of Datong Restaurant, Xu Liqing, the Guangdong dim sum champion, Feng Jiebing, Minister of Dessert, Tan Ming, Minister of Equipment Peng Sao, and Minister of Kitchen Golden City. Pack and sell Cantonese dim sum to major shopping malls and supermarkets in the province.

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